Dixon R-1 School District

The Dixon R-1 School District recently hosted their homecoming basketball games and festivities in their newly completed High School gym and cafeteria. The High School project, as well as projects completed at the Elementary School, Middle School and Transportation Building, were all completed as a result of the community support received for Propositions KIDS.

The recently completed renovations and additions to Dixon High School include a new main entrance to the building, administrative offices, expanded gym, locker rooms, restrooms, kitchen, cafeteria and concessions.

Johnson County Ambulance District Ribbon Cutting

We are proud to announce the ground breaking for the new headquarters and training building for the Johnson County Ambulance District. The new building will include 5 ambulance bays, crew quarters, training rooms and district administration. KRJ is proud to be a part of this project that will assist the Ambulance District in providing additional training opportunities to staff and the community. Faster response times are also expected due to the building’s location in Warrensburg.

For more information on this project, see this article published in the Daily Star-Journal:

Ambulance district breaks ground for new headquarters building


Masonry Institute of St. Louis – De Soto School District Projects

The Masonry Institute of St. Louis recently interviewed Young-Hie Kromm about KRJ’s recently completed projects for the De Soto School District. Young-Hie’s expertise with masonry design has helped KRJ provide clients with affordable and timeless buildings that allow for multiple phases of seamless construction. Young-Hie strives to design buildings that the community can take pride in by using local materials and incorporating the cultural heritage of the community.

Link to the article:



De Soto High School Auditorium

The ribbon cutting ceremony for the new De Soto High School Auditorium was recently held and the school showcased student performances in the new space. The auditorium has long been part of the master plan, which began over 25 years ago. KRJ is continually developing the master plan with the De Soto School District and working to prioritize incremental improvements.


De Soto Junior High School

KRJ is proud to announce the completion of the De Soto Junior High School cafeteria, classroom and corridor link project. This work was the result of the latest phase of incremental improvements planned by KRJ and the De Soto School District over the past 25 years. The ongoing master planning process has resulted in prioritized and phased projects that have been accomplished by the successful passage of 4 bond issues.

For more information on this project and its positive impact on the De Soto Junior High School community, please read the Jefferson County Leader’s article: ‘An Answer to our dreams’

In addition to the improvements at De Soto Junior High School, work was completed at Vineland Elementary, which includes a new gym and classroom addition, a new elevator and the conversion of the former gym to a new media center with support spaces.  The De Soto High School Auditorium addition is currently under construction. A new road, also under construction, will improve safety for student drop off/pick up at both the High School and Junior High School.